Why I enjoy The Raven Cycle

There are many reasons to like a series like this: the writing, the characters (Ronan Lynch is my forever love), the storyline, and on and on and on. But there’s one thing that has always impressed me more than anything else: the mastery of language.

What I mean by that can mostly be summed up into one thing: I’ve tried to imagine these books as movies or a miniseries, and I fail every single time. And that’s because the language is so integral to everything these books are. It’s not just that the books are written well, though they most certainly are; it’s that Maggie can do more things with words than any author I’ve read this year. Sometimes, it’s only a few words. I think of Gansey, early on in The Raven Boys, where he talks about how Adam behaves after being hit. At this point, we’re not aware that Adam lives in an abusive household. And nothing about what Gansey said confirms that. But it’s a seed planted. There is so much symbolism and mirroring and foreshadowing going on that you can’t even begin to understand it all the first time through. It’s very impressive.

And that doesn’t even begin to delve into the gorgeous, gorgeous passages she writes. See: the entirety of chapter 51 in The Dream Thieves, or the Gansey and Ronan talk after the substance party where Gansey tells Ronan to dream something new for him every night. On top of everything I’ve said above, her writing is just beautiful and a delight to read. That’s really the end of the line.